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How to Get Started with Alpine Climbing

Mark Hirschhorn

· Alpine Climbing
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Named the best chief financial officer of a small-cap healthcare company by Institutional Investor in 2017, Mark Hirschhorn serves as the president, chief operating officer, and chief financial officer of Talkspace in New York City. In addition to his distinguished career, Mark Hirschhorn enjoys the physical challenge of alpine climbing.

A truly multidisciplinary sport, alpine climbing involves ascending rock and ice faces and navigating icy terrain, all while carrying a heavy backpack. Thus, the sport requires quite a bit of preparation before commencing a climb. If you are not already connected to an accomplished mountaineer who can show you the ropes, the best way to get started is to enroll in an alpine climbing or mountaineering course.
Many alpine climbing guide services offer courses that include an overview of the gear and technical knowledge you will need to complete a climb. Another alternative is to join a local climbing gym, which is a good place to build strength and meet other climbers. Many gyms also offer classes to learn climbing techniques for different types of rock faces. In addition to indoor instruction, some facilities offer “gym-to-crag” programs that introduce participants to outdoor climbing experiences.